Auto Insurance Advice For Motorists With Suspended Licenses

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Auto Insurance Advice For Motorists With Suspended Licenses

15 June 2023
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You may buy or maintain auto insurance with a suspended driving license depending on your circumstances. You might find the process complicated even if you succeed. Below are some tips to enhance your auto insurance experience with a suspended license.

Buy Nonstandard Insurance 

Insurance companies consider each driver's risk exposure when selling coverage. A suspended license elevates your risk. Many insurance companies won't sell conventional auto insurance if you have a suspended license. However, you may still find nonstandard insurance for high-risk drivers.

Nonstandard car insurance comes with restrictions or conditions. For example, some insurance companies will give you coverage if you get a hardship or restricted license. Some states provide hardship-driving licenses for motorists whose suspension would cause undue hardship. For example, you may get a hardship license to commute to work.

Some states may also give you a conditional driving license under certain conditions. For example, the government may require you to complete a specific driving program to maintain your conditional license.

Buy Telematics Insurance and Only Drive When Necessary

License suspension may increase your insurance rates. Consider telematics insurance to keep your rates manageable. Some insurance companies offer telematics insurance that tracks your driving habits and mileage. The insurance company uses the data to calculate your insurance rates.

Telematics can help you get affordable coverage if you drive carefully and infrequently, and maintain low mileage. For example, you may drive only when necessary and use other transportation options when possible.

Adjust Your Coverage

Another way to manage your insurance rates is to adjust your coverage to reflect your needs. For example, you can opt to minimize your coverage if you don't get a hardship license and cannot drive. Alternatively, you can eliminate add-ons or riders you don't need during the suspension.

Adjust Your Deductible

If you have a low deductible, increase it as much as possible to lower your rates. A high deductible reduces your risk exposure to the insurance company, which allows them to reduce your rates. A high deductible makes sense if you have enough emergency savings in case of an accident. A high deductible also makes sense if you cannot drive due to the suspension.

Avoid Further Infringements

If you get a hardship or conditional license, ensure you don't cause further infringements that might get you further suspension. For example, limit your driving to lower your risk on the road. Drive as carefully as you can and obey all traffic rules.

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