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5 Tips For Adding Your Teenager To Your Car Insurance

2 September 2016
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Your teenager becoming a licensed driver is a nerve-wracking experience, and one detail that makes it extra stressful is adding them to your car insurance. Adding your teen to your insurance costs money and makes your own policy vulnerable to rate increases if your teen gets into any accidents or accrues speeding tickets. Despite this, adding your teenager to your policy is still much cheaper than getting them their own separate policy, since inexperienced drivers are considered high risks by insurance companies. Read More …

The Reality of Three Auto Insurance Myths

23 January 2016
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While auto insurance is a normal part of life for most Americans who drive, it's likely the least understood product on the market. Taking time to learn as much as you can about auto insurance may help you save money and avoid making mistakes that might affect your coverage. To start you off, here's the truth behind three auto insurance myths. You Must Insure an Inactive Vehicle Possibly the most common auto insurance myth is that you are required to have insurance on a vehicle you are not driving. Read More …